Save Ralph – The Face of Ending Animal Testing for Cosmetics

save ralph

Who is Ralph?

In this short film, you follow around Ralph, a bunny who’s being used in animal testing for cosmetics. You follow him around a normal day in his life, from waking up to ‘going to work’. Ralph has earned his spot being the face of the global campaign to ban animal testing for all cosmetics.

The Save Ralph movement has gained so much attention and we’re so happy people are finally catching on and learning about the dangerous and horrible conditions animals experience when being used for ingredient testing for cosmetics. This stop-motion, short film animation is a powerful step in the movement to ending animal testing for cosmetics, and it was produced by the International Humane Society. The film features an all-star cast including the voices of Taika Waititi, Ricky Gervais, Zac Efron, Oliva Munn, Pom Lementieff, Rodrigo Santoro, and Tricia Helfer.

Why was the short film created?

Save Ralph was a short film created to show the horrors of what animals used for testing ingredients in cosmetics go through. While everyone thinks these animals were created for this purpose, they are so much more aware of what they are going through, they just don’t have a voice to tell them to stop. That’s why the film was created. While the film isn’t too gruesome and doesn’t show everything, it does help you sympathize with these animals and get a feel for what they go through every day.

There are thousands of ingredients known to be safe in cosmetics, so why are so many companies still trying to use ingredients that aren’t on that list? Animal testing is an awful and inhumane thing, and the main point of this short film was to showcase that there are other ways to create cosmetics. There are hundreds of brands, both small brands and large brands that are cruelty-free, so why can’t every beauty brand be cruelty-free?

The HIS’s Save Ralph campaign uses Ralph as an example of what millions of animals go through daily, but they do it in an original and unexpected way – they use the story of one animal, a bunny in this case, to shine the spotlight on the millions of rabbits and other animals in labs around the world experience. While Ralph is just an animation, the short film is based on facts of what happens to animals in animal testing labs.

How can we help stop animal testing?

Animal testing for cosmetics does exactly the opposite of what beauty brands are created for – it’s an ugly business and tactic to creating cosmetics. As we said before, there are thousands of cosmetic-safe-approved ingredients, so why is animal testing still a thing?

The Human Society International works with thousands of people, organizations, and businesses around the world to stop animal testing from continuing and to achieve a cruelty-free world where animals don’t have to suffer for the sake of the cosmetic industry. If you want to help this movement, please sign their Be Cruelty-Free pledge by clicking here. Let’s all work together to create a safer, and a better life for our animals!





  • Animal testing is completely unnecessary these days!! Signed the pledge, we need everyone involved!

  • Please stop this cruelty!!! It is unnecessary!! Let’s make a difference for animals !! They deserve better
    ANIMALS are here with us !! Not for us ! Enough Is Enough!!

  • I will help in any way I can. This HAS TO STOP

    Mia Sciandra
  • Stop the cruel and in unnecessary testing on all animals! Please!

    Christina Lucia
  • Great article, also as a way of stop it we can check all the products before buying them. There are apps for mobile like Tokki, Bunny Free, Cares or Cruelty-Cutter that helps you a lot to select correctly.

    Johana Hardy

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