Switching to a Cruelty Free Skincare Routine

Been thinking about switching to the newest trend - cruelty free? What  if we told you it’s more than a trend? If you’re looking for a place that will tell you all the secrets so you don’t have to mess up look no further. We’ve got you covered.

Look up Every Brand you Have.

It’s more than likely that some of the brands you already have are cruelty free! From Wet n Wild to Nars, there are more CF brands than ever before. And they’re starting to be proud to show it! Every item in every price range has a cruelty free alternative and you probably already own some without having thought about it.

This is the top dog of cruelty free blogs and stays up to date! Go check them out!

Throw Nothing Away

This might not seem cruelty free, but it is sustainable and the best thing you can do. You already bought the product, the company doesn’t care whether you throw it away or use the whole product. You aren’t buying from them again. Use what you have left and make a vow to not purchase it again. Take this final moment to research a cruelty free alternative! If you have thought “I love this product but it’s not cruelty free” you’re not alone. Google is your best friend!

Know the Rabbits

cruelty free bunnies logos

Do your research on the bunny that is in your country and make sure you know the limits and requirements to be certified. Some people aren’t okay with some of these logos and some are. Also be weary and do EXTRA research on brands that have a cruelty free logo that don’t look like these! They can make up all the claims they want, without accreditation.

Remember Who You’re Doing This For!

If all the research and wondering and looking up and forums get to you and you feel like giving in just 1 time, or giving up completely. Remember. It’s about the animals and making your voice heard. They deserve the compassion to be allowed to live. It’s really a selfless task to take up a cruelty free routine and even lifestyle. One day everything will be cruelty free and we just have to keep that day in mind!

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